Monster Family Fun

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HERE IT IS! So very proud to present FREE FAMILY FUN for everyone with the Art Gallery of South Australia’s START program for families  (Link below)

Grab the kids and hula hoops for a monster adventure. If you don’t have hoops that’s ok. Use elastic, string, a stick, your imaginations!

From the comfort of your own home, learn some tricks to help quiet and calm the monsters that are maybe stamping around in your body or mind.
(I don’t mind telling you I had many a monstrous thought bubbling about my brain while making this video).

Click the link below for our video and all the other free monster fun happening online at the Art Gallery of South Australia. For the month of June Monstrous Mix. Ages 3 to 12yrs…/hybrid-hula-hooping-blooming-…/


You are Loved


As you pop your babies to bed this evening tell them…let them know ..

….in every way

You are loved

You are love

You are perfect as you are

You are enough…. what you are, what you do, feel, know and say….is enough… wonderfully

You are seen

You are heard

You are felt

…. you are known …

In every way

Remember dear child ….

You are love … here to stay

Shine your way

As you drift of to sleep tonight … say this … to you…. remember dear child….

xx Tam

It comes to visit

It comes to visit


I have anxiety come to visit. Sometimes it would stay for a longtime, to long. Sometimes I could just move it along, quickly. Sometimes it wouldn’t visit for weeks, months, a year. Sometimes it just sneaks up on me, unaware.

what if …. ?

what if …. i can’t?

what if …. i can’t jump?

what if …. it doesn’t work?

what if…. i am not good enough?

I can help there It says

what if i step in? i can help…. i can

what if i whisper to your mind….. beware, beware, beaware… quietly, just a whisper

what if i give you sweaty hands just to start you off, just so you know i am here…like a “knock, knock… can i come it”

what if i just swirl your stomach, just gently to start. little waves. then i can make bigger, until the waves are lap against the bottom of chest and splash to your throat

I squeeze so tightly that you feel your beat…. faster, and faster, harder and harder, faster,

what if i take my hand and squeeze your heart. Tighter, tighter, tighter…. Squeeze so tight that it feels like there is a pounding and a constricting all at the same time….in your chest, in your ears, like the blood is going to erupt from every vain in your body.

what if i do the same to your throat? grip it. on fire. dry your mouth. your tongue doesn’t move. you wont have to speak then. not a word. i can do all the talking. i have lots of words

what if i send your mind feeling crazy

what if i send your hands and feet numb

what if you don’t have to move

what if i send you tears… what if i send you to your knees… what if i send you into a tiny little ball, on the ground. Look i will place a blanket over you. You don’t have to look out

There my dear, you don’t have to move. you don’t have to jump. you don’t have to feel, you don’t have to be seen

What if….

What if in that ball, i hug me. What if i embrace me with love

what if when I hear you call … beware, i hear be aware, and i am

what if when i hear you knock…. i say thank you, thankyou for calling by, but i have had enough, and then send you on your way

i have another way

what if when my heart starts to pound …. i feel the excitement instead of fear. what if i start to breath, what if i feel my heart explode with love….expand

what if i talk, to myself, to others, share

what if with tingling… i come alive, i feel passion and life and love

what if i am seen

what if … i could change that?

what if I just jump

what if i can, head first, feet first, one foot first

what if….I am enough

what if …..?

xxx Tam


Would you like to come and play?

Would you like to come and play?

Rainbow play

What do you do?  Interesting question isn’t it.  That question used to be easy to answer… What do I do for a living? was what was wanting to be answered. I had a very “grown up” profession.  That’s what I did, that grown up profession.
I have found it a little harder to articulate now.  A new path is unfolding.  So now, I much prefer the question “What do I do …. to feel alive?”
What gets me to come alive…. Play.  I get to play.  A lot.  How does life get better than that?
Play is magical, Yoga is magical, Life is magical… it is all entwined
For me, play and yoga flow together effortlessly, seamlessly, magically.
I love to play
I read an article yesterday on how much play you should have with your child
I say…. there is never too much, ever
I have a 7 year old boy.  In our home, he is the only “child”.  In our home play is invited.  If he asks me to play, I gladly play. If i want to play, he plays with me.  I know there will be a day when he doesn’t want to play with me.  I know there will be a day where he doesn’t want to play at all, when the pull of responsibility takes over.  When did that start for you?  That pull?  How does that start?
So I play, without question, consciously, without guilt.  Honestly, i still feel that pull of responsibility, house work….what other adults think.  Working on it.  A thermomix helps!  I cleaner might me the next step, for me, to create space and time for the thing i do, for the thing i love, for play.
Play for us, together looks like water fights on the lawn, playing leap frog, bouncing on the trampoline, laying on the trampoline making up stories about the clouds, making up new words, reading stories and making up stories, songs, dancing around the loungeroom, making a human hamburger with the most disgusting ingredients then falling on top of each other in fits of laughter, telling jokes, kicking the football, boogey boarding at the beach, collecting shells and telling a story about the creatures who touched, baking, acrobatics on the lawn…. whatever comes
creating sculptures out of nothing, out of something, creating memories
getting messy with paint, drawing what we see, what we feel
play is about fairies and pirates, face paints and dress ups
it is a time for loud, laughter, tears and tom foolery, especially when having other kids come to play
it is a chance to learn for children, big kids to unlearn and relearn
it is a new perspective, fresh ideas, fresh ideas … it is like the scent of lemons
it is letting go of anger, and fears and worries
it is innocence
it is trust
it is beautiful
it is simple
it is an expression of love
it is a time where communication flows, feelings are expressed, discussions and ideas shared
play is, at the end of the day, bedtime, with a child who says “i have had the best day” and falls asleep so easily.  so peacefully. so quietly. ready for the next day of play
it is everything and it is
play…. together … and separate
play for me is a time to stop, release pressure from my head, to connect to my body, to let that gorgeous little girl inside of me…. out, for her to smile and be free and to float and to to wonder, to create, to experience life with innocence.  To connect to what is important, to what is magical, to emotion, to what is light, to joy.  Then it flows to the rest of my day.  it is contagious.
I got to watch my Mum and my Aunty play over Christmas.  I could see them as kids.   I sat and watched them.  The mischief, the secrets, the stories, the fun, the brightness, the wind, the laughter.  It was beautiful.  It was contagious.  I joined in.  Nanna joined in.  It is my favourite part about this Christmas.  There were no “children” at this Christmas, but there were adults who knew how to play,  to be children.
What a gift I have been given by my family.
What a gift I get to share with others….
I get to share in play, in yoga, with children, with other families, with other adults.
Play is magical, Yoga is magical, Life is magical… it is all entwined
For me, play and yoga flow together effortlessly, seamlessly, magically.
What does play mean to you?
I invite you to play, as an adult, with the child within you, with the child you have gifted this world
Come and play with me
I love to play
It is what I do, it is what I am.