I feel like a new woman, the pain in my hips is gone


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Essential Oils

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Reiki is a traditional Eastern therapy that directs energy.

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The Bars

The Bars are very core and foundation of Access

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One of the comments from a lovely soul who finally made time for herself…. She finally stopped and just allowed herself to listen to her body… to nurture herself….. to allow herself some time … some space… to heal

Did you know your body is continuously nattering to you…
Do you feel pain in your lower back… are you feeling supported?
What is the ache in your neck trying to tell you…. the strain in your shoulders… are you holding the weight of the world?
Is your throat tight and constricted… what is your soul wanting to say?
your feet…. where are you stuck.?
your head…..
Your amazing body knows how to heal itself
what does your body.. your heart want you to hear… to acknowledge.. to release
Take the time to listen .. to relax .. and explore

Offering you…

  • Egyptian Emotional Clearning Technique
  • Access Bars Technique
  • Reiki & Crystal Healing


  • All modalities are also highly recommended for children
  • To book or make an enquiry please contact Tammy on 0432 980 550

What recipients are saying….

I have used EECT as a means of assisting to manage my anxieties by having a better understanding of myself. Every session is different but it does give me a regular time to not only check in on myself and have a better understanding of where I have come from, but also to appreciate who i am and how i fit in my surroundings. These sessions give me a regular time to focus on me and provide grounding to appreciate life as it is unfolding around me.


Highly recommend this treatment. I am feeling calm, relaxed and clearer than I have in a long time. Thank you for today