Nurturing Kids

Emotional & Physical Strength Classes

2 to 4 year old with caregiver

The class is based on movement, songs, stories and fun!

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5 to 10 year olds

Building confidence and friendships

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Tween Yoga (9 to 13 year olds)

Emotional and Physical Wellbeing Classes at Blooming Hearts combine

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Kids yoga classes – developing emotional and physical resilience

Does your child worry or appear anxious or have difficulty regulating or connecting with their feelings? Does she/he have behavioral or physical challenges or difficulty sleeping or getting to sleep?

Have you been looking for a different way to give your child the best chance to navigate their inner world and this busy and sometimes scary world? Have you been looking for a way that encompasses  their mind, their body and their hearts?

Are you looking to support your child in positive change….. This takes time….and the best time to start is Now…

Emotional and Physical Resilience Classes at Blooming Hearts combine a unique blend of movement, creativity, games, connection, relaxation and mindfulness in a playful, non competitive, supportive and compassionate environment..

The aim of the Emotional and Strength Classes is to

  • CALM kids able to connect within
  • increase self-awareness……
  • improve self worth and self confidence
  • heighten body awareness, improve posture……strength and balance
  • improve concentration
  • learn breathing, relaxation and MINDFULNESS skills
  • social skills..
  • enhance self love and compassion for who they are……

By giving your child the opportunity to attend and maintain consistent, regular attendance there is a real chance for your child to grow and experience change for themselves that comes from within.

Classes sizes are kept small to ensure each child is heard, seen and felt and are developed to complement your child’s developmental stages:

  • 2 to 4 year olds
  • 5 to 10 year olds
  • 9 to 13 year olds

Classes are carefully prepared to include :

  • Yoga Therapy* exercises specific for growing children
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Poses and cooperative games
  • Emotional resilience strategies
  • Creative expression
  • Relaxation
  • Gratitude practice
  • And bucket loads of FUN

* Tammy has been specifically trained in yoga therapy exercises for kids and teens:

  • Spine & posture, digestive health (including obesity), respiratory strength (especially Asthma)
  • Mental health – Specifically Anxiety& Stress, Depression, Trauma
  • ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Physical Disabilities

I really don’t know where or how to begin to explain this wonderful lady and her amazing passion for life and sharing it with others!!….. My daughter Tilly and I have known Tammy for a little while now. Tammy spends time with Tilly every fortnight with her gorgeous fun ideas and always interesting activities ranging from Yoga, unreal art and just her wonderful presence…. Tammy has helped Tilly with her wellness learning and I have found at times Tilly uses a Yoga pose Tammy has taught her as her ‘go to’ place when things get a little too much and some ‘time out’ is needed. I often find her with her legs in the air and doing some deep breathing or sitting cross legged on the floor with her hands in the meditation pose. Beautiful!….. Tilly has Down Syndrome and is 16 years old, which at times can be quite an interesting combination after a long day at school. Tammy instantly puts everyone at ease on arrival and I am finding a lovely rapport is building between the two and always lots of laughter. We ALWAYS look forward to her coming and spreading her Joy, Happiness and Sparkle into our lives and home. Thank you Beautiful Lady… we would be lost without you! Tilly and Andy xx


We take our son to Blooming Hearts Yoga and Wellness because we thought it would be and excellent way to help him with his low muscle tone, balance and coordination problems.  Our son is 9 and has issues with his gross motor skills, balance, upper body strength and confidence in trying new things. He also has issues with understanding and copying body movement. He has regular physiotherapy swimming lessons and receives SSO support at school. He has just been approved for the NDIS program and needs to have more intensive physio and start occupational therapy. We found out about yoga from our son’s school, and his physio encouraged him to attend. Yoga has helped improve our sons balance, strength, coordination and confidence, he has started to do new things that he would not have tried before. He finds yoga fun, he likes the activities that Tammy offers, Tammy has also encouraged him to try new things and it also helps our son to unwind and relax. We would recommend Blooming Hearts and Wellness to other parents who are looking for an alternative to traditional sports for their child.

Regards KM, SM and RJS.

Tammy’s Blooming Hearts Yoga for Kids workshops at City Library have been a wonderfully positive experience for children, their families and the City of Adelaide Libraries alike. These workshops have engaged young participants in mindfulness exercises, body movement and interactive games, with families describing them as “fune”, “engaging”, “great exploration of body and self” and expressing wishes for the program to be run every weekend!


Adelaide City Council

I really like yoga because the teacher is so nice. We do stretches and silly fun things. Yoga helps me to feel calm, relaxed and happy.” Liv aged 8