My mission is to guide all children

… to explore who they truly are
….to know they are enough
…. to believe in their light

that includes your inner child to my dear friend…

Are you living the dream?    I was. Someone’s dream anyway.  Two houses in the suburbs.   Two mortgages.  A dog. Bouts of depression. Married.  Accountant.  Bouts of anxiety.  Studying.  A nine month old baby…..

And then … poof …  a marriage breakdown … a nervous breakdown…. a single parent…. stress and worry.

In 2009 I survived a nervous breakdown.  My whole body collapsed along with my heart and mind.  All systems ceased.  I didn’t want to be here.   It was here that I didn’t want to live.   It was here, in this place, that I found yoga.  I found yoga to bring piece and calm to my mind…. little did I know this would follow to my body and heart, along with strength and flexibility.   I have been on a journey of connecting all the parts of myself ever since.  Yoga and energy healing have given me the tools to keep moving forward.  Yoga is my expression of play. Today, I am fortunate to be living my real dream.

Hi, I am Tammy.  Welcome to Blooming Hearts Yoga and Wellness, located in Lobethal, nestled in the beautiful Adelaide Hills… a space for hearts to play and connect.  This is my dream… a safe place for kids of all ages to come and play, to learn about themselves for families to connect, and for you to connect to your inner child…. for hearts to BLOOM.

It is here that I offer you, your children and your family all that keeps me well and keeps me alive… family, play, yoga, and creating.

As a child and teenager I was affectionately known as “Tammy Couch”.  I was not a sports lover.  I quit netball when I was 12 years old feeling too gangly, too uncoordinated.  Although, I loved swimming.  I loved to watch old movies, day dream, paint, draw, read.  I was anxious quiet a bit.  I was fearful of trying new things.  I had that nagging sense of not being good enough following me all the way through.  Have you had that experience too?

I wish I had yoga as a kid.  The gift to see and love all the parts of you… your amazing body, mind and feelings.  My dream, is to have yoga available for all kids.

As part of my dream I have a daily practice……. a practice to simply live


Smile …. you are alive… you are here for a reason

Inhale… fully….exhale… completely… repeat… breath

Move… meditate … mindfulness…

Play… wonder… laugh…. feel EVERYTHING… connect

Love …nurture… open your heart to kindness… compassion…  healing.  Love yourself… connect to others

Emaginate and explore.  Make it up as you go… create …. expand…… grow…. BLOOM

Yoga classes help your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, while encouraging you to feel happy, calm and confident about your amazing bodies, minds and hearts!

Each class has an eclectic mix of all of picked up along the way….


Currently studying 350 hour Teacher Training, My Health Yoga

Certified Family Trauma Professional – PESI


Mindful Schools- Fundamentals; Mindful Educators K to Year 12 curriculum Training; Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Zenergy Yoga foundation and advanced yoga for children &  yoga therapy for children with special needs

Rainbow Yoga Kids & Community yoga training

Angel Yoga for Kids Level 1 to 3 – toddlers to teenagers, families and children with special needs

Global family yoga – toddlers and families

Brain Gym 101

Laughter Yoga, Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga

Pre natal and post natal – Bliss Baby Yoga

Senior first aid

DECS Responding to Abuse and Neglect

DECS SMART – Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma

PERMA Member

¾ of a Bachelor of Education Junior Primary and Primary, University of South Australia

Avid reader of all things relating to children, mental health, emotions and education.

I offer you the wonders of yoga, mindfulness and connection in

  • kindergartens and child care centres
  • schools, OSHC and vacation care
  • yoga therapy for children with special needs
  • family and community yoga
  • adult yoga… inner child awakening
  • pre and post natal yoga
  • birthday parties
  • yoga play for your business
  • private classes
  • workshops